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I'm a man who can't hear,

A man who can't see,

But this doesn't matter,

'cause I feel the blues...



- Russ Palmer

Russ singing on stage with his guitar and other and members behind him
Musical notes illustration
Musical notes illustration


Musical Experience through Cochlear Implants (CI)

By Russ Palmer

Read or listen to Russ' incredible musical journey as a singer and musician, from using hearing aids to two cochlear implants (CIs).

Social-Haptic Communication

​​Learn more about social-haptic communication and how it allows those with sensory loss to receive environmental descriptions, directions and locations of people and objects, and even experience stories through touch messages. You can learn how it was developed, and where you can attend courses.

Environmental Descriptions

​​Through environmental description blind and deafblind people will receive information of their visual and auditive environment using different agreed methods.
Haptic exploration combines touch, movements, smell and taste perceived through the body.

Meet Russ

Russ wearing a beige shirt smiling at the camera

Russ is an International Music Therapist and Vibroacoustic Therapy Practitioner. Born severely deaf, he has Usher Syndrome, is registered deafblind and uses two cochlear implants (CIs). Russ' philosophy is called 'Feeling the Music'; through musical expression and therapy he applies a concept of how people who are losing their hearing and sight can feel musical vibrations.

Meet Riitta

Riitta smiling at the camera resting her head on her hands

Born and raised in Finland, Riitta is the senior researcher and leader of the Social-Haptic Communication research group, at the University of Helsinki, Finland. She has developed, researched and taught social-haptic communication, haptices (touch messages), and their grammar, haptemes, for almost 30 years.

Musical notes illustration
Musical notes illustration
Musical notes illustration
Musical notes illustration

Russ and Riitta are based in the UK and Finland.

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