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We have several items available to purchase, including books, CDs and DVDs.

To purchase any of these items, please contact us

Loving Touch - CD - £10.00 or €11.00

An enchanting collection of instrumental pieces from Russ Palmer, written and recorded with Finnish musician and interpreter, Juha Sarkkola.
When interviewed, Russ said of the new album, “This was written over several years and throughout the pandemic. Juha and I created it to express different emotions by varying guitar techniques and textures.” As the title of track number three alludes, the album is perfect for unwinding at the end of a day.
Juha added, “The blend of the 6-string and 12-string guitars provides an incredible combination of tones and layers to the music.”

Track List:
1. A Loving Touch
2. Song for Lost Friends
3. End of the Day
4. Voyager
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Musical Perception of a DeafBlind Cochlear Implant User
DVD - £15.00 or €17.00

Filmed at Finlandia Hall in Helsinki, this DVD includes interviews and excerpts from a live band performance.

"Russ demonstrates just what can be achieved as a deafblind person with two cochlear implants, and he inspires others." - Dr Stina Ojala, Speech Scientist.

Warm Summer Days - CD - £10.00 or €11.00

Personally signed by Russ, this CD includes 12 of Russ' own songs, recorded in 2009, after having his first cochlear implant.

Track List:
1. Come Back to Me
2. Girl in the Rain
3. If you Go
4. Mystic Lady
5. Riitta's Song
6. Warm Summer Days
7. Going Home
8. A Hunter's Cry
9. Dreaming
10. Tequila Magic
11. You and I
12. Let's Be Together

Environmental Description - Book - £26.00

By Riitta Lahtinen, Russ Palmer and Merja Lahtinen, Environmental Description for visually and dual sensory impaired people introducing social-haptic communication. 

Social-haptic communication is an approach developed over nearly 30 years to improving communication with a person with sensory loss (primarily blind and deafblind) with friends, family and professionals. It allows them to receive environmental descriptions, direction and locations of people and objects, and even experience stories through touch messages.

Haptics and Haptemes - Book - £26.00

Haptics and Haptemes is a case study of developmental process in social-haptic communication of acquired deafblind people.
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