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NEW CD from Russ and Juha

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

At the end of 2022, Russ has released his third album, Loving Touch. It’s an enchanting collection of instrumental pieces, written and recorded with Finnish musician and interpreter, Juha Sarkkola. 


The album’s four transcendent tracks take you on a journey of discovery, from loss and remembrance to outer space. A Loving Touch, Song for Lost Friends, End of the Day, and Voyager have been written to reflect emotional experiences of the past year. When describing A Loving Touch, Russ and Juha explain that after the nationwide lockdowns, the title track ‘echoes the keenly felt loss of touch for a deafblind person who relies on it for life.’

When interviewed, Russ said of the new album, “This was written over several years and throughout the pandemic. Juha and I created it to express different emotions by varying guitar techniques and textures.” As the title of track number three alludes, the album is perfect for unwinding at the end of a day.

Juha added, “The blend of the 6-string and 12-string guitars provides an incredible combination of tones and layers to the music.”

Russ Palmer, whose previous albums, Reflections and Warm Summer Days, is deaf and blind. Not only is Russ an accomplished songwriter, guitarist, and concert-level pianist, he is quite possibly the only deafblind music therapist in the world. Despite being born deaf, Russ’ unique relationship with music is incredible, and his collaboration and friendship with Juha Sarkkola shines through on this new album.

Longtime fan, Marjatta, says, “In each song you have wonderfully captured the mood. We lose friends, but beautiful memories remain. This is going to be my new falling asleep music.”

Loving Touch is available to purchase through this website

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