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Russ to Receive Honorary Doctorate

Updated: Feb 14

The University of Oulu in Finland has announced that they are awarding Russ Palmer with an honorary doctorate.

Along with 16 other distinguished colleagues, Russ will attend the official conferment ceremony on 17-19 May 2024. An honorary doctorate is the highest recognition that a university can give to a person. The Faculty of Education and Psychology has chosen Russ for his pioneering work with music therapy and research.

Honorary doctors are people who are internationally distinguished in the disciplines represented at the University of Oulu. Many of them have contributed to significant research collaborations with researchers from the University of Oulu. In addition, honorary doctorates have been awarded to persons who have other merits, in terms of society and the operations of the University of Oulu.

The University of Oulu announced the news this week and said of Russ, "[He] is known internationally as a researcher and educator of social-haptic communication based on the sense of touch. One of his research areas is related to communication opportunities without visual and auditory sensations. He is a pioneer in developing and researching the interaction of people with limited communication opportunities. The core target group of social-haptic communication is deaf-blind persons or persons who are losing their visual and auditory senses. As a music therapist, Palmer also studies how music can be listened to through the body." 

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