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  • Russ Palmer

Russ writes for Spaceflight Magazine

Spaceflight Magazine Vol 62 and 63 British Interplanetary Society

In December 2020 and January 2021 respectively, Russ wrote two articles for Spaceflight Magazine, How to Feel the Universe and How to Touch Space.

In these articles, Russ talks about how visually impaired people can share in the wonders of the universe by using social-haptic communication methods for astronomy.

He explains that one can use their body to represent different perspectives of the Universe, enabling blind people to understand and visualise planets, solar or star systems, and the overall Universe.

Click below to download the articles.

Spaceflight Magazine - How to feel the Universe
Download PDF • 2.12MB

Spaceflight Magazine - How to Touch Space
Download PDF • 4.43MB


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